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[RELEASE] Smoke v1.10

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Apr 1, 2021
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[RELEASE] Smoke (Version: 1.10)

Major Additions:

System of Discord-Server Integration

How does this work?

1). You can type /token in the server to get a 6 digit random number, which will be used to authenticate that it's you who is connecting the account and not anyone else.

(so make sure not to give anyone this token else he will be able to see your statistics, and in the future, we will add more commands such as to change password in case you forget it, keep track of your business products and purchases, and more)

2). Then you can send a message to @Smoke#7038 with the syntax, !verify <Account_Name> <Token>, it will send a confirmation message when verification is successful and then you will be able to use more commands.

You can only verify 1 discord account with 1 in-game account unless requested to admin to change.

Commands & Functions:

Syntax: "!"

1). !verify - Connects in-game account with the discord account
2). !gc - Sends a message to the global chat in server
3). !highscores - Shows the most active players of the server
4). !cmds - Shows the list of commands
4). !stats - Displays the in-game stats of the user

Currently Monitors:

Global Chat
In-game Reports (sent to staff)
IC Advertisements
Players Count (as status)

This is the first release so you can expect more in the next release.
Feel free to drop your suggestions in the discord server's suggestion channel or at this forums!​
Not open for further replies.